8 Pointers on Caring for the Skin around Your Eyes ...


If you’ve ever wondered how to care for skin around eyes, you’re headed in the right direction for happier and healthier-looking skin! The skin around our eye area is much different from the rest of our face. And if you aren’t too familiar with the specifics about skin in the periocular region, I’ve got some great info for you! Read more about how to properly care for the skin around your eyes and look your best!

1. Get Acquainted

If you want to know how to care for skin around eyes, you’ve gotta get to know the composition of the skin in that area. The skin around your eyes is not only the thinnest skin on your face, but it’s also the most sensitive and driest. It’s the first place that shows signs of aging and irritation from using the wrong products so be very cautious in caring for the skin around your eyes.

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