7 Lavender Scented Lotions Sure to Calm and Relax You ...

Lavender scented lotions are something you totally need to add to your cache of skincare products. The smell of lavender is great for calming and soothing you after a long, tiring day. Slather some on before bed and be ready to drift off into dreamland in mere minutes. Fortunately, because experts are so tuned in to the mega benefits of lavender, you can find the scent in loads of products. Try out these lavender scented lotions to get you started, but feel free to share your favorites with me.

1. Mistral Hand Lotion

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The bottle this comes in is beautiful, but the combination of ingredients also makes it one of the best lavender scented lotions around. In addition to the calming scent it contains, you’ll benefit from the olive oil, grape seed oil and glycerin that ensure that the lotion hydrates your skin, leaving it smooth and radiant all the time. Stash this lotion in your bathroom and on your nightstand so you can use it all the time.

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