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7 Hot Celebs with Skincare Issues ...

By Lisa

Celebrities might come off as having flawless, poreless and baby butt smooth skin but there are actually quite a few celebrities with bad skin. Skin conditions affect people everywhere regardless of a person’s celebrity status, wealth or glam squad. So, if you feel like celebs have immunity against skin conditions and everyday skincare problems like us, think again. I’m going to show you 7 celebrities with skin problems who are dealing with the same issues as you and I!

1 Katy Perry

Katy Perry is one of the celebrities with bad skin issues that you might’ve already been aware of; girlfriend was a spokesperson for Proactiv after all! Katy is very talented and gawjus and she also has a history of having acne. Acne is such a common skin issue for so many of us and it’s good to know that even those who are blessed with seemingly perfect skin deal with this issue as well!

2 Eva Longoria

Eva Longoria is another one of the celebs who always seem camera-ready and glam and her celebrity skin issue is adult acne. Eva’s a little older at 37 (although she looks more like 27), and still has issues dealing with acne. Many of us would like to think that as we age, acne is just a thing of the past but it can unfortunately stick with us throughout some of our adult life.

3 Ewan McGregor

Ewan McGregor’s celebrity skin issue was skin cancer. A few years back, the talented thespian was forced to have a suspicious facial mole removed from under his eye which turned out to be skin cancer. Ewan has a scar under his eye from the surgery but was given a clean bill of health now which is most important! His word of advice to fellow fair-skinned folks was to avoid too much time in the sun!

4 Leann Rimes

Another one of the celebrities with bad skin issues is country crooner Leann Rimes. She once reported that her celebrity skin condition psoriasis caused her skin to crack and bleed on stage before. There are five different types of psoriasis which is an immune disorder, with common symptoms such as itchy spots and flaky skin. Mrs. Cibrian was named spokesperson for the Stop Hiding from Psoriasis awareness campaign. How awesome that she’s getting educated and involved with bringing psoriasis to light!

5 Renee Zellwegger

Renee Zellwegger is another one of the hot celebrities with skin problems. Renee was diagnosed with rosacea which causes persistent redness, flushed cheeks, swelling or skin sores. There are lots of options in treating rosacea such as with creams and makeup but you just have to be cautious not to aggravate your skin. Renee appears to have gotten good control over her symptoms by identifying triggers and taking good care of herself!

6 Victoria Beckham

One of the most famous celebrities with bad skin issues is fierce fashionista Victoria Beckham. Posh Spice has battled with acne and sun damage for a few years but luckily she reported that pregnancy helped her acne issues. In interviews, Victoria Beckham asserts that she’s actually quite ordinary and it takes a long time for her to be red carpet ready. I don’t think she’s anywhere near ordinary but I applaud her for her willingness to share her skin care woes!

7 Brad Pitt

Here’s one of the last people you expected to see on this list of celebrities with skin problems,Brad Pitt. Papa Pitt has had a history of acne and some have even spotted some scarring on his face in his earlier films. It’s hard to imagine someone as handsome as Brad Pitt with any blemishes whatsoever, but he has been dealing with acne for awhile but I don't think any of us think he's any less drool-worthy!

All of these aforementioned celebrities with bad skin issues have dealt with some serious skin concerns but they haven’t let it prevent it from getting out there and doing what they love! It might seem like celebs have an easier time dealing with skin issues since they have experts on-call and can afford the best treatment around, but it’s not always the case. Celebrities often work wacky schedules in less-than-perfect conditions and are required to wear tons of makeup so they put their skin through a lot! If you have skin concerns, remember that you’re not alone and there are others dealing with the same issues!

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