7 Fabulous Tips on How to Be Your Own Dermatologist ...


Have you ever wanted to learn how to be your own dermatologist? No worries! I’ve got the answer for you. Though chronic acne affects a large amount of people every year, I promise you that you don’t have to sacrifice your entire paycheck to see a dermatologist. I had chronic acne as a teen in high school and bought every cream you could imagine. What I learned was I wasn’t only wasting my money, but I was simply unaware of the real answers at hand for what worked and what didn’t. So, I’m sharing my best tips with you, and showing you how easy it really is to learn how to be your own dermatologist. Not all of these steps are the easiest thing to do, but once you learn how to manage your skin the simple way, you’ll never go back to creams, doctors and covering up the real issue at hand. Acne is more than about the surface of your skin, but more importantly, what’s going on underneath your skin. Find out what you need to know, and how to be your own dermatologist, starting today.

1. Natural is Best

Let’s get something straight if you want to learn how to be your own dermatologist. First off, ditch all those anti-acne cleanser, gels, and other products you’re using. Yes, even those 3 step systems that promise to work, and might for a short time, but trust me, in due time, you’ll see they really don’t. Instead, pick up an all-natural sea salt bar at your local superstore or supermarket. There are many brands, and the more natural the product, the better. These are found with the bath products, not the acne products. Wash your face only in this. Sea salt cleanses the skin on a whole new level, without irritating it. Most of these soaps also have added shea butter or jojoba oil so they won’t dry your skin out, and instead will clear your skin up. When it comes to removing your makeup, use only coconut oil and coconut oil only, I repeat. It fights acne and resists breakouts before they start. It also keeps your skin from drying out, which in turn, creates more acne. Also, when choosing a moisturizer, I advise picking up Neutrogena’s Helioplex UltraSheer SPF Sunblock. It has two special ingredients, one of which fights acne, and the other fights wrinkles. It isn’t advertised as this, but is to date the only product that won’t break my face out. It also moisturizes your skin just enough so it won’t dry out, but also won’t be greasy. It also smells great and is well absorbed by your skin. It might not be 100% natural, but is much better than those harsh acne moisturizers or gels on the market, and it’s cheap!

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