7 Contagious Skincare Conditions That Need Treatment ASAP ...


There are plenty of contagious skincare conditions and treating them can make you infinitely more comfortable and can cut down on the ick factor at the same time. If you come down with one of these contagious skincare conditions, itโ€™s also important to have them checked out by a doctor so you donโ€™t spread them to other people. Your skin is never something you should leave untreated โ€“ no matter what condition you have, talk to your dermatologist ASAP.

1. Impetigo

I picked up this nastiest of the contagious skincare conditions when I was a kid, from a cat scratch. Impetigo is characterized by itchy red sores that eventually scab over. Itโ€™s more common in kids, but if you have children with the condition, you may wind up with it too, unless you take proper measures to keep it from spreading. The condition can also spread among body parts. Keep it covered and take any prescribed medications to get rid of it.

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