How to Soothe Sensitive Skin in Winter ...


In many parts of the country, the cold weather is in full swing, which makes tips for sensitive skin all that more important since many people’s condition flairs with the change in seasons. I can commiserate because I have very sensitive skin. With time, I’ve found the products and cosmetics that I can safely wear. However, when the temperature dips and air dries out, my skin often suffers. Are you in the same boat? Well, then go ahead and read on for some valuable winter tips for sensitive skin.

1. Moisturize More

One of the best tips for sensitive skin in the winter is to moisturize more often. While your skin can only absorb so much at one time, you can effectively fight the problem by adding an application of lotion once or twice per day. Always moisturize morning and night too. Some dermatologists recommend switching to an ointment based lotion and saving the water based ones for summertime.

Try Salicylic Acid
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