10 Ways to Use Less Deodorant ...


The beauty industry has convinced us that we stink but thanks to our own body processes, there are ways to use less deodorant. Chemical deodorants are endocrine disrupters so if you are trying to follow a more natural lifestyle, not using them is one of the ways to go. Essentially, what you put in your body either gets used or expelled. Some of the things that get expelled are emitted as bodily chemicals in sweat and odors. It follows therefore that what you put in your body dictates what comes out. Try these ways to use less deodorant and be surprised by how much you can control your body odor.

1. Eat More Plant Foods

One of the easiest ways to use less deodorant and help release your natural scent is through eating a larger amount of plant foods. Vegetables contain a number of beneficial properties including hydration, fiber, anti-oxidants and enzymes that work to release a natural deodorant. Plus, plants such as spirulina and wheat grass have also been known to help reduce the symptoms of morning breath.

Vitamin B / Magnesium
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