Super Savvy Ways to Give up Your Deodorant and Go All Natural ...


Super Savvy Ways to Give up Your Deodorant and Go All Natural ...
Super Savvy Ways to Give up Your Deodorant and Go All Natural ...

Tell us if this has ever happened to you. You live in a crowded city, which means that one of your biggest nightmares involves being stuck on a crowded train 🚉 with someone's armpit jammed into your face. Or you put a healthy 🍑 amount of deodorant on in the morning, only to realize that it wore out after two hours. Now, you're left trying to hide the fact that you have major body odor going on while talking 📱 to that cute guy 😉. The idea 💭 of going au natural used to freak me out, until I realized just how many chemicals are in the popular deodorants we use today. So I decided to put these natural alternatives to the test. Get ready to sweat 💦 it out with sweet 🍦 results!

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Add ➕ More Plants 🍃 to Your Diet

Work your way from the inside out. Vegetables 🍱 are a really good 👍 source of chlorophyll, antioxidants and fibers, which help your body fight 👊 odor internally.


Speaking 💬 of Chlorophyll...

This active 🚴 compound in plants 🎑 works as a natural odor neutralizer.


Spice It up with Cilantro

The way you eat has a major effect on your body odor. Try snacking on cilantro; it is known for getting rid of toxic metals in your blood and also counteracts odor.


Tough It out with Activated Charcoal

Going this route may be bittersweet to some. Activated charcoal is great 👍 for indigestion and gas, it has a super strong ✊ aftertaste that may be a little hard to shake.


Make Moves 🙆 with Magnesium

If you notice that your sweat 💧 has a really intense smell, this may be a sign that your body's magnesium intake is low.


It's All about the Bentonite Clay

Bentonite clay clears your intestines of mucus and is pretty effective as a detox.


Think Zinc

Zinc has been proven to controlling the bacteria that creates foot 🐾 odor. It's also the answer to all of your sweating issues.


Get a Healthy 🍎 Dose of Vitamin B 💊

Vitamin B complex protects your skin from odor causing bacteria.


Be Proactive with Your Probiotics Intake

Don't turn your back on dairy 🐄 just yet. Dairy products such as yogurt or even raw milk 🍼 are an excellent source of probiotics, which regulate your stomach bacteria. They also contain zinc, which makes this a win-win.


Keep Your Breath Minty Fresh 🍉 with Peppermint Essential Oil

This one is pretty self-explanatory; peppermint oil is anti-bacterial and fights odor from the inside out.


Tea ☕ Lovers, Unite! Loose Leaf 🍁 Teas Have Another Purpose

It looks like 💚 there's another perk to drinking 🍵 that morning cup of tea. Antioxidants help your body fight 👊 vaginal infections.


Plot ‌‌💊‌💊‌ Twist: Garlic is Actually *good* for Getting Rid of Body Odor

Hear 👂 me out! Because it has antibacterial properties, eating garlic regularly can actually destroy body odor *before* it gets too bad.


Drink Lots of Water 💧

There are so many benefits to water. However, one that is often overlooked is the fact that water flushes out the toxins in your kidneys and liver.

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