7 Ways to Prep Your Skin for the Winter ...


7 Ways to Prep Your Skin for the Winter ...
7 Ways to Prep Your Skin for the Winter ...

With winter well on its way, I think we all can use some ways to prep your skin for winter! When seasons change, sometimes it’s hard to transition and change up your beauty routine to suit the weather, in winter particularly. Well, what’s a girl to do? Below are a few ways to prep your skin for winter that are guaranteed to keep your skin hydrated all winter long.

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Exfoliating Exfoliating is a step overlooked by many as one of the ways to prep your skin for winter, but it’s probably the most important one. Exfoliating your skin removes the dead skin cells from the surface of your skin, revealing smoother and more radiant skin underneath. If you live in a place that can experience some pretty harsh winters, this is a vital step in your routine. It’s important though to not exfoliate too often. I recommend only doing it, at most, two times a week. Any more that than that and it can begin to irritate your skin and do more harm than good.


Applying Dry Oils

Applying Dry Oils I’m a huge fan of dry oils! During the winter months, your skin can tend to appear dull and dry, and dry oil is fast absorbing and gives your skin a nice and healthy sheen. It’s best used after you shower or bath and I guarantee you, it will leave your skin soft and supple to the touch.


Using Body Butters

Using Body Butters Body butters are one of those products every girl should own. I’m one of those people that love to slather on a light lotion after I’ve showered but during the winter months, sometimes lotion just doesn’t cut it. That’s where body butters come in. They’re super rich and creamy, and much thicker than ordinary lotions which makes them ideal for winter months. They come in a variety of scents and some of them even contain some shimmer. Find one that’s right for you and see the difference it makes in your skin.


Applying Chapstick Frequently

Applying Chapstick Frequently My least favorite part about the winter is how chapped and dry it can make your lips, and that’s why I always keep a Chapstick handy! Applying Chapstick to your lips frequently throughout the day creates a barrier between your lips and the harsh elements, and keeps them moisturized throughout the day.


Drinking Plenty of Water

Drinking Plenty of Water Drinking plenty of water is a must for all seasons, but its especially important during the winter. Drinking water in the winter is one of the main ways to keep your body hydrated, and when you’re hydrated, your skin is hydrated as well. By drinking water during the winter, you are combating dry skin and chapped lips as well.

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Invest in a Humidifier

Invest in a Humidifier Most times during the winter, many of us are quick to blast our heat throughout our homes to keep us warm, but it's also important to have some kind of moisture in the air as opposed to hot dry air. Humidifiers work to add moisture to the air and can keep your skin from becoming overly dry. Place a few humidifiers around your home, and especially in your bedroom, to help you sleep better at night as well.


Paying Extra Attention to Your Feet

Paying Extra Attention to Your Feet Our feet are made up of the thickest layer of skin and it can sometimes be hard to keep them moisturized during this season. Paying a little extra attention to your feet this season is vital to keep them looking and feeling healthy. By applying a thick cream or petroleum jelly based product to your feet, you are giving them the extensive moisture they need. A neat trick I use is to use a thick cream on my feet after I shower and then wearing cotton socks on my feet before bed. When you wake up the next morning, your feet have retained the moisture and feel extremely soft!

Just because the winters can be harsh, doesn’t mean our skin has to be. By implementing just a couple of these techniques, you can achieve healthy and hydrated skin all season long. These are just a couple of ways to prep your skin for the winter, but there are so many more! What are your favorite ways to prep your skin for winter?

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You should add that you should moisturizer when your skin is damp to seal in the moisture

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