7 Ways Acne Controls Your Life and Ways to Fight Back ...


Acne can affect your life in many different ways. In fact, there may be times that you feel like it controls your life. But there are ways to deal with the different situations that acne makes you feel uncomfortable in. These are 7 ways acne may be controlling your life and some ways to fight back.

1. The Way You Wear Your Makeup

Acne may affect the way you wear your makeup. You may try to cover up your acne with your makeup or you may avoid wearing makeup at all in fear that it will make your acne worse. First, try to get you acne under control. If you’ve tried everything available over-the-counter then it may be time to see a dermatologist. It’s also good to note that there are some brands that offer makeup specifically for acne-prone skin.

Your Clothing Choices
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