7 Tips on How to Shave Less Often ...

By Stephanie

7 Tips on How to Shave Less Often ...

Do you wish you knew how to shave less often? I sure do! Like most women, I hate shaving. It’s so monotonous and time-consuming. The worst is when you’re all done shaving and realize you’ve missed a spot or when you wind up cutting yourself in the process! Ugh! Talk about frustrating! Luckily, with these seven tips on how to shave less often, you’ll spend less time with the razor and more time with smooth (and hairless!) skin!

1 Exfoliate Your Skin

This is the first step on how to shave less often, ladies! Exfoliating is important because those little hairs get trapped under dead skin cells! By exfoliating, you are removing the dead skin cells so that the small hairs are exposed! This will enable you to get a closer shave since the hairs aren’t hiding anymore. Also, exfoliating your skin also helps with removing the natural oil your skin produces, so you can get even a closer shave! Woo hoo!

2 Use a Brush

Have you ever tried brushing your skin? Sounds weird, right? Yet those stiff-looking brushes, also called badger brushes, are wonderful for rubbing in your shaving cream. You may have seen them being used on your man’s face in the barber shop.

3 Pick the Perfect Razor

Not every razor suits your needs. You may have dry or sensitive skin, which may call for a certain type of razor. Also, make sure the razor you purchase always has multiple blades – you will get a smother and closer shave! The more blades, the better the chance you’ll get all the hairs and not just some!

4 Shave against the Grain

In order to shave less often, make sure you go against the grain. If you go with the grain, you’re not removing much hair! Just be careful when shaving against the grain; your skin is prone to getting more nicks and cuts that way!

5 Use a New Razor Each Time You Shave

Invest in disposable razors. Make sure they have multiple blades! Each time you shave, throw out the used razor and grab a clean, new one. It may seem like an expensive habit, but I’m willing to try it, especially if it’ll help me shave less as a result. I mean, the better you shave the first time, the less often you’ll have to repeat the same action over again, right?

6 Try a Lotion Infused with Soy

Studies show that soy can help shrink the hair follicles and inhibit their growth! Snatch up a lotion infused with soy from a local store and make sure to rub it into your skin daily. Plus, it’s always good to keep your skin moisturized! You’ll be killing two birds with one stone!

7 Change Your Diet

Your excess body hair could be a result of what you’re eating! Increase your intake of Vitamin B6. Indulge in meat, fish, bananas, broccoli, cabbage, carrots and watermelon to get more of this nutritious vitamin! Also, lay off the refined carbs (even though they can be oh so tempting!).

I’d love to shave less and am going to give these tips a try! I’m so tired of shaving so often! Plus, waxing and other treatments can be so expensive (and not to mention painful!) Are you going to give these tips a try?

Source: realbeauty.com

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