7 Soothing Tips for Treating in-Grown Hairs ...


Treating ingrown hair bumps, blemishes, and boils is just the worst. You can get an ingrown hair wherever you shave, really, although they seem to favor darker, moister areas, such as your inner thighs, your bikini line, and under your arms – ouch! They occur in shaved areas where the hair either grows back into the skin (hence the name) or the hair somehow finds its way back into the follicle and gets trapped. When they occur, they're typically red, swollen, and painful – and if you don't treat them or do it improperly, they can lead to infections. Rather than dealing with pain or scarring, check out these soothing tips for treating ingrown hair problems!

1. Prevention is the Best Cure

The best tip I have for treating ingrown hair problems is to prevent them, of course. This article is filled with tips for how to do that, but keep in mind that you can also try to remove hair without shaving it, since shaving is more likely to cause ingrown hairs. Try waxing or sugaring or even laser hair removal, if that's something you're interested in. If not, these tips will help a lot as well!

Use Smart Shaving Techniques
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