7 Things You Need to Know about Lip Balm ...

By Eliza

Wearing lip balm is something we all do, right? I carry mine everywhere I go. Chapped lips are never a comfortable thing to endure and a quick slick of lip balm can help in a hurry. Did you know that your lips are made up of very thin, very delicate skin? That makes it pretty important to consider the lip balm you’re using so that you can care for your lips without putting them in jeopardy. Here you’ll find some of the most important things to know about lip balm before you put it on again.

1 It Doesn’t Hydrate

Lip balm isn’t like lotion that absorbs into your skin, adding moisture to it. Instead, lip balm seals in the moisture that’s already there, according to skincare experts. When you put it on, the lip balm prevents any moisture from escaping, helping give you that hydrated and moisturized feel you crave.

2 Several Different Ingredients

There are several things that create an effective barrier on your lips. That includes petroleum jelly, beeswax, paraffin, carnuba wax or lanolin. They all work pretty much the same way, but if you have a sensitivity or allergy to any of them, it’s important to read labels carefully to be sure you’re getting something that won’t cause a reaction when you put it on.

3 Use It Everywhere

OK, not really everywhere, but there are other places besides your lips where you can use lip balm. That includes around your nose, which is especially soothing when you have a cold or allergies and have to blow your nose a lot. It also works so soften cuticles and cracked skin on the ends of your fingers.

4 Sun Protection

Because your lips are skin, it’s a good idea to protect them from the sun when you plan to spend time outdoors. Many kinds of lip balm have a built in SPF, which makes them great double duty products. You’ll need to reapply every so often to be sure the benefits are there, but you probably do that already anyway, right?

5 It’s Not Addicting

Several years ago, some research came out telling people that lip balm is addictive and using it only enhances the need for more of it. Experts say this isn’t true. There is nothing in lip balm that creates an addiction to it, though some people do feel the need to reapply often. This is purely mental, say skincare experts and it won’t hurt you to put lip balm on all the time. Oh, and those reports that lip balm contains crushed glass – also false.

6 It’s OK to Ingest

Naturally, anything you put on your lips is bound to get in your mouth too. While experts would never recommend eating large chunks of lip balm (who would do that?), the tiny bit that gets in your mouth when you lick your lips won’t hurt you. If you’re sensitive to any of the ingredients, however, you might have an upset stomach.

7 You Can Make Your Own

I’ve used a great combination of ground oats and coconut oil on my lips when I ran out of my regular lip balm. It worked like a charm, though I had to reapply more often than with store bought balm. Almond oil, honey and olive oil are other great options. There are loads of recipes that tell you how to make solid lip balm too. If you want natural ingredients, making your own lip balm is a great, and easy, idea.

Do you have a reliance on your lip balm? Me too. What other important things about lip balm do you want to add?

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