7 Things That Might Be Causing Sudden Breakouts ...


Breaking out at the most inconvenient times is bad, but what is even worse is when you canโ€™t pinpoint the specific cause of sudden breakouts youโ€™ve been experiencing. Not only is it painful to look at, but itโ€™s frustrating to not know the underlying causes of your problem. However your acne will not go away on its own, so you must get to the root of the problem! Here is a list you can go through to eliminate the cause of sudden breakouts.

1. New Shampoo

Believe it or not but even your most valued hair products can be betraying you by acting as the main cause of sudden breakouts. Some shampoos have the tendency to build up on your scalp when used over long periods of time while at other times they might cause an allergic reaction and therefore induce inflammation. While your shampoo and conditioner might be doing wonders for your hair, they are ruining the skin on your face, shoulders and back.

New Skincare
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