The Essential Ingredients in Your Winter Skincare Products ...


The Essential Ingredients in Your Winter Skincare Products ...
The Essential Ingredients in Your Winter Skincare Products ...

What are the ingredients that should be in your winter skincare products? Even though the sun seems far away and out of reach, and there are more dark hours than light ones, the winter months are still a time where you need to be very careful and concentrated with your skincare regime. It might not be sunburn that is the key concern like in the summer, but the harsher, colder conditions can also be very damaging to your skin if you don’t protect and replenish it. It may rain or snow, be foggy, but even though the air is full of moisture, you still need to hydrate your skin. If you are slightly confused about what kinds of products you need to be using during the winter, then look no further. Here are five essentials that will keep your skin in perfect condition while we all wait for spring to arrive, each of which contains the ingredients that should be in your winter skincare products.

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Squalane is a non-irritating plant-based oil that can protect your skin from aging free radicals and is one of the ingredients that should be in your winter skincare products. When incorporated with other things like vitamin C or rose oil, it can become a really powerful emollient that works to lock in moisture, discourage fine lines from appearing and also make dry patches on your skin completely disappear. It’s a perfect product for fighting the sharp winter winds that batter your face.



Any product that is infused with glycerin is going to work best when you are straight out of the shower because your skin can drink in water from all the humidity created in the washroom. Glycerin is great for oily or acne prone skin that can be particularly exposed in the winter months. The good thing here is that there is a whole host of glycerin products to pick from.


Hyaluronic Acid

Hyaluronic acid is an ingredient in skincare products that works to give you a supple, super soft complexion. Babies are actually born with high levels of hyaluronic acid, and as we age, the levels decrease at a rapid rate. Using products with this ingredient will help to replenish your skin and make it look and feel plumper, something that will help to fight against he dull drabness of the winter.



Ceramides are basically the glue that keeps all of your skin cells together, working to create a strong and natural barrier between your skin’s moisture and the harsh winter weather. When your ceramide levels are high, they help to seal in the hydration on your skin and will stop it from becoming dry and cracked in the cold weather. Anyone who suffers from extremely dry skin will find that this ingredient can really make a difference to their complexion.


Alpha Lipoic Acid

This is sometimes just referred to as lipoic acid and is an antioxidant that enhances your skin’s capacity for exfoliating. This means that your skin cells will shed more naturally to prevent any clogging and debris issues, along with the fact that it is a whopping 400 times more powerful than vitamins C and E!

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