8 Products You Should Never Put on Your Skin ...


With so many skin care products out there have you ever thought about the many ingredients in these products to not put on your skin? There are actually quite a few common ingredients that we might be using that are far from healthy or beneficial in any way. Check out these 8 products you should never put on your skin to keep skin safe and strong!

1. Household Products

Household products and cleaners are definitely products to not put on your skin. I’m not saying you purposely apply household cleaners to your skin but it’s not unheard of to inadvertently get some products on your hands or arms. Bleach, detergent and drain cleaners all contain ingredients that can cause irritation, burns, or even damage to your respiratory system. Celeb nutritionist Kimberly Snyder recommends using only natural household cleaners to avoid any possible reactions.

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