7 Luxurious Beauty Products That Will Make You Feel Incredible ...

I’m a beauty product junkie, so I can honestly say I’ve tried enough of them to offer a comprehensive list of luxurious beauty products. If you’re in a position to compare drugstore products to these luxurious beauty products, I think you’ll find there’s really no comparison at all. I was hooked on all of these from the very first application!

1. Clarins Moisture-Rich Body Lotion for Dry Skin

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Yes, this body lotion is expensive, but that’s why it’s in a luxurious beauty products list. I use this on my hands as well, so it does do double duty. You can sample this at Sephora and the 6.8 oz tube is $41. Too much money for soft supple skin? Put it on your Christmas wish list! You’ll love having this around in December.

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