Is Your Phone πŸ“± Causing Wrinkles 😬? (and How to Protect πŸ›‘ Your Skin πŸ‘© from Aging πŸ‘΅πŸΌ) ...


It's a good question - is your phone causing wrinkles? It’s fair to assume that most of us spend a hell of a lot of time on our cell phones, probably much more time than you would like to admit! You might think that a bit of smartphone activity is harmless, but did you know that there is something called HEV light? HEV light is something that is emitted from your phone as you use it, and a few recent studies have uncovered some results that argue HEV light can play a significant role in causing unwanted and unnecessary premature aging. If you know that you are someone who uses their phone a lot, then you might want to take heed of these handy tips for protecting your skin! So, is your phone causing wrinkles?? Read on to find out.

1. Apply SPF

The best thing that you can do for your skin on a daily basis is to apply SPF regularly, even when it isn’t particularly sunny outside. Along with UV rays, HEV light can have a similarly negative effect and cause damage to the natural processes of the skin. Don’t assume that just because it isn’t sunny that you don’t need to protect yourself. There are many unknown dangers for your skin, and HEV light is definitely one of them.

Limit Screen Time
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