Girl's Guide πŸ“˜ to Rescuing ✌️ Your Skin πŸ‘© from Winter ❄️ ...

Ladies, do you want to know how to rescue winter skin? We are all struggling with winter skin right now! I’ve been on a mission for you to find out what is happening. My epiphany may help you find a solution as well.

My face has been so dry that I started reading blogs to see what others were doing. Yes, I spent some money on a lot of products that have failed me. Moisture rescue cream, I mean come on, it has rescue in the name. $10.00 out the window. Plain water, that does nothing. Aloe Vera spray, it feels amazing, but nothing happens. I’m starting to blame my age! 40 is not the new anything, it’s just 40!

Don’t get me wrong, we must moisturize and exfoliate. But I need more answers for how to rescue winter skin. I have found 2 things that make my skin feel amazing. Exfoliating and hydrating from within! Yes, thee ole dreaded, drink more water! It simply works for everything! Then moisturize! I like a light lotion, like Aveeno Sheer Hydration and I like an exfoliating scrub like St. Ive’s Apricot scrub and the best part, both are under $10! So good! Don’t get obsessed with the commercials that promise a change overnight. Thatβ€˜s what they want! Spend your money on what works well and you will be free from the high dollar ad products!

So simple that your face will be glowing in 3 days! So, exfoliate, moisturize and drink more water! Stop spending money on empty promises from moisture rescue products! You have all the tools you need! Now let your face be free and beautiful!

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