8 Helpful Recipes for Homemade for Body Scrubs ...


If youโ€™re like me and enjoy making your own beauty products, these eight recipes for homemade body scrubs are right up your alley! Exfoliating our skin is an important part of skin care, but I like variety and I canโ€™t always afford to buy the latest and greatest. With these recipes for homemade body scrubs we can try out many new and different body scrubs without paying for a brand name!

1. Vegan Hand and Body Scrub

Letโ€™s start of this list of recipes for homemade body scrubs for ladies who are looking to keep their skin care products free of animal products! Many vegan body scrubs use honey as a main ingredient and not all vegans are cool with that but this recipe is totally animal product-free! Grab an empty jar or container, fine sea salt and extra virgin olive oil and prepare for smooth skin!


1/3 cup fine sea salt

1 tablespoon olive oil

Few drops of essential oil, optional


Combine all ingredients in a jar and enjoy!

DIY Spicy Sugar Scrub
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