8 Facts You Should Know about Dry Skin ...


You may or may not be used to living with dry skin, but there are actually some special considerations and facts about dry skin to keep in mind when caring for your specific skin type. We want to make sure we’re caring for our skin properly and giving it the attention it needs in order for us to look our very best. So, whether you’re a seasoned veteran or unsure about your exact skin type, make sure you give this a read for some vital info on dry skin!

1. Facts of Life

Before getting into dry skin facts, let’s make sure you actually have dry skin. Sometimes there are other factors that affect our skin and would lead us to believe that we have super dry skin when it could be something like allergies or changes in the season. The severity of dry skin varies and symptoms are typically temporary. According to the Mayo Clinic, classic symptoms include tight skin, itchiness, fine lines or cracks, dry or dehydrated appearance, and redness.

Hostile Environment
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