7 Amazing Mud Masks for Radiant Looking Skin ...

What better way to achieve radiant looking skin than by applying mud masks to your face and/or body. To set the record straight, mud masks are similar to clay masks in terms of their properties, yet the results are very different. Clay masks typically dry out the skin and are suitable if you are prone to oily skin, whereas mud masks are more hydrating, help smooth and balance out your skin tone and can be used on any type of skin. Mud masks are great if youโ€™re looking to improve your skinโ€™s texture and overall radiance factor. They draw out the skinโ€™s impurities, clean out your pores (and shrink them too), and they can be used as acne spot treatments, just like the clay variety. If you use one of these mud masks featured below on a regular basis, prepare yourself for dramatically smoother, softer, and more radiant looking skin!

1. Borghese Fango Active Mud for Face and Body

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A brand name that springs to mind when I think of mud masks is Borghese. To me, Borghese excel in all of their products. What makes their mud masks so effective and worthy of the price is that theyโ€™re enriched with Tuscan volcanic hills mud, as well as other ingredients, like sweet almond oil and avocado. Their masks work just as well on the body too and you can use their built-in sponge to wash the mud off. The Fango mud masks all receive rave reviews and there are 7 varieties, depending on your skin complaint. Priced at $66 for 520ml, you can find these masks at Borghese boutiques, department stores as well as Birchbox and Amazon.com.

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