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There are plenty of skincare publications out there, but you can’t always be sure that each is delivering you reliable information. Luckily, I went on a hunt for the most reputable skincare publications available so that we can all get news, facts and tidbits that we can count on to be tried and true. By reading up about your skin and the best new and old ways to take care of it, you’ll be on top of things for your entire lifetime, which means gorgeous, radiant skin forever.

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Harvard Health Publications: Skin Care and Repair

If it comes from Harvard, you can pretty much count on it being one of the best skincare publications you’ll ever find. This particular publication is a one issue deal, but Harvard updates it regularly as information changes. This handbook is loaded with tips and advice on anti-aging, treating skin conditions like eczema and everything you need to know about cosmetic skin procedures. This handy tool will be one you refer to again and again and is available for purchase on the Harvard website.


Harvard Health Publications offers an authoritative stance on skincare, ensuring reliable and scientifically-backed information. Whether you're battling fine lines or looking for innovative ways to deal with acne, their comprehensive guide is indispensable. The document seamlessly blends expert opinions with practical advice, presenting it the way only Harvard can—thoroughly and with impeccable clarity. For a modest investment, you'll gain access to a wealth of dermatological wisdom that will help you make informed decisions about your skincare routine and treatments.


National Institutes of Health

The NIH has a huge database of health information on their various websites, which means you are a lucky reader that can find anything you need when you want it. That includes a large array of skincare related issues, including new treatments and advances in treating skin problems as well as lots of tried and true methods for taking good care of the skin all over your body. Check out nia.nih.gov for more information.


Yale School of Medicine: Dreams in a Bottle, Caring for Your Skin

You can got to medicine.yale.edu to read this document. The entire thing is only 16 pages, but it is literally packed with reputable information you’ll come to rely on all the time. That includes proper skin cleansing, choosing products and basic skincare tips and tricks that will serve you for a lifetime.


DERMAScope Magazine

If you’re someone who wants to read all the latest and greatest when it comes to skincare, this is the publication for you. It’s chock full of new studies and the most recent advice, tips and tricks for taking the best care of your skin. You’ll find age specific info as well as lots of advice for looking your best all the time. Check out the home page here: dermascope.com. You might like it so much you decide to order a subscription.


Skin Inc. Magazine

With a name like that you know it’s going to come in handy. You can head over to their main page at skininc.com to see all the great stuff they have to offer. You can expect to find things that include interviews with professionals, information about ingredients and lots of info about treatments. There is some stuff geared toward skincare professionals, but there is also plenty for you to love.


Cosmetics and Your Health Fact Sheet: Office of Women’s Health

Unlike some of the other publications, this one is a simple and informative piece that doesn’t come out monthly. However, you will find anything you need to know about wearing make-up and how to make sure you do so in such a way that you also protect your skin and keep it healthy and gorgeous. You can read the entire thing here: womenshealth.gov.


The Best Skincare Tips: Women’s Health Magazine

At womenshealthmag.com, you can read top skincare advice from dermatologists all over the country. The magazine brings a ton of valuable tips into one concise publication that you can trust to give you true and helpful information about all things skincare. You’ll wonder how you ever got by without it.

What skincare publications do you read? I do tons of research for my work and I’ve found that most women’s magazines are great places to read new info and get lots of easy-to-follow advice. Will you start reading one of these soon?

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New Beauty Magazine, comes out 4 times a yr, tons of info,plus to list of drs, for anything you might need

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