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Besides the excruciating pain involved with getting your nether regions waxed, there are some things you should know before you decide to have a Brazilian wax. The following 7 things you need to know before a Brazilian wax are tips commonly offered by a person who is licensed to perform any type of bikini waxing services. There’s some good information in this list that might help you have a more pleasant experience if this is your very first wax.

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You Are Allowed to Ease into a Brazilian Wax if You Want to

There’s no rule that says you have to go all out and have a Brazilian wax when you’ve never been waxed before. Sometimes women like having a simple bikini wax to see what the process entails. Granted, a Brazilian wax includes the removal of a lot more hair than a traditional American bikini wax.


Let the Aesthetician Know What Type of Wax You Are Looking for

A Brazilian wax can include removing every pubic hair you own or leaving a little ‘landing strip’ down there if you prefer. Although the Landing Strip technique is more commonly referred to as a French wax, sometimes it’s lumped in with the whole Brazilian wax idea. You might want to mention what type of wax job you are looking for when you make the initial appointment. This will give you a better idea as to how long the waxing session will take and the aesthetician won’t automatically wax you bald.


Take a Shower before You Go

Being clean is beneficial to both you and the person giving you a Brazilian wax. First of all, no one wants to perform a waxing on a sweaty, smelly crotch. Secondly, being clean down there will decrease the chance of an infection occurring after the waxing.


Decide What You Will Wear during the Wax

Some women don’t wear anything at all, while others prefer to wear skimpy underwear while they get waxed. If you do decide to don some panties during the waxing, keep in mind that you might end up with a bit of wax on them. I’d recommend wearing an old pair of panties you don’t mind throwing away if need be. Wax has a tendency to leave a stain on fabric, even after it has been washed.


Don’t Schedule an Appointment for a Wax during Your Period

Menstruation increases the sensitivity level of the pubic area, so why put your self through unnecessary additional pain? Not to mention it can be embarrassing for some when it comes time to remove their panties for the waxing session.


Trim Pubic Hair a Bit before the Wax Job

You don’t want to have too long of hair down there, but then you don’t want to shave everything completely off or the wax won’t have anything to grab on to. A quarter inch to a half inch in length is the longest the hair should be.


It’s Going to Hurt like the Dickens!

Taking some ibuprofen or aspirin before the wax job might ease the pain a bit. The good thing is that the pain is only temporary and well worth it. You won’t have to mess with shaving for quite some time. Plus, the more often you wax, the less bushy the hair is when it grows back. Some women find that eventually they don’t have to deal with waxing at all.

These 7 things you need to know before a Brazilian wax helped me immensely the first time I took part in a waxing session. The first time is a bit awkward, since you don’t know exactly what to expect. Sure, you can read all about it, but reading about a Brazilian wax and actually having one done on you are completely different. Would you ever consider getting a Brazilian wax or would you rather stick to something less painful?

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I'm scared to get waxed down there!!!! 1 I'm shy and 2 I'm afraid it's gonna hurt alot

I really want to get a Brazilian wax.. But I'm only 15. I'll be 16 in November. Am I too young?

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