8 Bugs That Live on the Human Body ...


It’s amazing at how many new things I learn each day when writing articles. The following list of 8 bugs that live on the human body took me a while to write because I kept getting the heebie-jeebies from thinking about all those bugs! Isn’t it irritating how your mind makes you think that there are things crawling on you when there really isn’t? Eeek.

8. Head Louse

These parasitic creatures live off of human blood. They attach themselves to the base of hairs on the human head. The scientific name for these bugs is Pediculus humanus capitis. Eggs from head lice are secured to the hair shaft of the human host, where it stays until it hatches. It takes six to nine days for the egg to hatch. Products can be purchased to rid a person of head lice, but it is a lengthy process. Some people find it simpler to shave their head instead.

Body Louse
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