8 Tips to Take Care of Dry Skin on Your Knees and Elbows ...


This is the worst time of year for people with dry skin on their knees and elbows… the cold temperature, the dry air, the terrible wind!

They all conspire to make your skin itchy, flaky, dry, and cracked, especially on your hard-working elbows and knees.

But it doesn’t have to stay that way.

How to treat the dry skin on your knees and elbows?

I can help.

I’ve suffered for years before figuring it out (and getting some help from my dermatologist).

Here are 8 tips to take care of dry skin on knees and elbows.2

1. Exfoliate

Whether you use an olive oil and almond scrub or a loofah with a light sugar scrub, it’s important to exfoliate well to slough off dead, dry skin cells.

You need to pay special attention to your knees and elbows, of course.

Be careful not to use anything too harsh, and don’t be overzealous in the scrubbing.2

2. Avoid Hot Water

It’s so tempting to indulge in a long, hot bath or shower, especially when it's cold outside.

However, the hot water can actually suck the moisture out of your skin, leaving you with dry skin on knees and elbows.

Moderate the temperature to “more than warm,” and turn off the tap after ten minutes.2

3. Protect Them!

It’s chilly outside, so this kind of goes without saying.

But if you want to avoid dry skin on knees and elbows, you ought to protect them from the cold, windy, dry fall and winter air.

Think long pants and soft long-sleeved tees, but no itchy wool.2

4. Use an Emollient

I have terribly dry skin on knees and elbows, so I’ve started using a thick cream, like Aquaphor, every day.

It’s not as creamy as a lotion, so it doesn’t absorb as quickly, but it works like magic on dry, cracked, itchy skin.

Pick up a tube for less than six dollars at your local drugstore.

Apply Lotion after Showering
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