7 Super Simple Ways to Mask That Nasty Pigmentation ...

Pigmentation, also called age spots, are the bane of many girlsโ€™ existence.

They are usually harmless, but that doesnโ€™t mean you donโ€™t want to cover them up.

I definitely want to make sure mine arenโ€™t super obvious.

If youโ€™re with me on that, you are going to love what this list has to offer.

Itโ€™s loaded with easy ways that allow you to cover up your pigmentation and help you look as fabulous as you feel.

Get ready to change your life!

1. Buy Camouflage Make-up

Yes, all make-up is designed to cover your perceived flaws.

However, looking for specifically labeled camouflage make-up can do wonders for your age spots.

Itโ€™s less cakey and thick than other kinds and wonโ€™t be so obvious when you put it on.

You can find great options at any make-up store.

Use a Flat Make-up Brush