8 Steps to a DIY Facial ...


Unfortunately, for most of us, a weekly professional skin treatment is out of the question.

Busy schedules, tight budgets and a host of other mundane little issues get in the way of pampering and luxury.

Luckily, however, it’s not necessary to keep a beautician on call in order to maintain that gorgeous complexion.

In fact, you can supplement your sporadic salon visits very effectively on your own with a regular, at-home skincare routine.2

To help in this area, I’ve put together a list of 8 basic steps to a fab DIY facial;

give it a try.

1. Prepare Your Hair

If you have long hair, prepare for your facial by tying it back in a plait or pony tail and using a wide head band to keep your fringe out of eyes.2

This might sound like a pretty obvious instruction but it’s one that makes the whole business much easier to manage.

2. Boil the Kettle

Before you start with the initial skin treatment, it’s a good idea to get the kettle boiling so that there is plenty of hot water available when you need it.

You might want to set out some ‘equipment’ as well: place a big, wide mouthed bowl on top of a towel (this will be your make shift facial sauna), and organise all the products you’re planning to use so they’ll be accessible when you want them.2

3. Open Your Pores

Soak a small, light towel or face cloth in warm water.

Ring out the excess so that it’s not dripping wet and place it over your face for a couple of minutes.2

The heat should gently encourage your pores to open up facilitating a really deep, initial cleanse.

4. Cleanse

Using your favourite cleanser, gently wash your face.

Remember to massage in slow circles in order to stimulate circulation, and to use warm, but never hot, water.

Repeat the process a second time if you feel it’s necessary.

Gently Exfoliate
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