9 Soothing and Natural Ways to Relieve Sunburn ...

This year in the UK we have finally had a summer, so being very fair of skin, I thought I would refresh my memory and also check out some new ways to relieve sunburn. We really should be more careful of looking after our #skin in the sun, and seriously, instead of looking for ways to relieve sunburn, we should be looking at ways to prevent it. But, if you’re like me – I burn even when I’m plastered in factor 60 – you can’t always help it. So, if you’re at home and find yourself looking at bright red bits of #body and feeling a bit sore (or a lot sore!), you might find you have plenty of #things in your cupboards that provide ways to relieve sunburn and you won’t have to dash to the store for some proprietary lotions and potions.

1. Vinegar

I thought that the astringent quality of acetic acid wouldn’t be good, but surprisingly, vinegar can be used in a couple of ways to relieve sunburn. Put vinegar in a spray bottle and spritz all over the affected area. Or, you can soak small towels in vinegar and press lightly onto the sunburn and leave for a good while. Another way is to add 2-3 cups of vinegar to your bath water; also making sure the water is not too hot. Do not use malt vinegar, but either white vinegar or #apple cider vinegar will work.