Natural 🌱 Deoderants for Women Tossing πŸ—‘ the Chemicals βš—οΈ in Their Life 🌎 ...


I recently wrote an article about the benefits of natural deodorants.

It's Time to Consider Switching to a Natural Deodorant ... @Neecey I thought it would useful to follow it up with natural deodorants brands for those of you who are considering making the switch.

They are becoming more widely available and this is just a selection.

1. Dr Hauschka

Dr Hauschka

This one is expensive so you have to expect it to work.

Available in two formulations: Rose and Sage Mint.

Neither contain aluminum.


2. Weleda


Prefer spray to roll-on?

Try this brand.

The delicious scents are irresistible - especially the one of wild roses.


3. Kiss My Face

Kiss My Face

A range that is aluminum chlorohydrate free and paraben free.2

Available as roll-ons and sticks, in six scent/formulation options.


4. Herban Cowboy

Herban Cowboy

Contains No Parabens, Propylene Glycol, Aluminum, Alcohol, or Triclosan and is 100% vegan.2


5. Erbeviva


Another spray.

These contain only organic grain alcohol and essential oils.2

Available in two formulations: Jasmine &

Grapefruit and Lemon Sage.


6. Earth Science

Earth Science

Based on various botanicals including lichen, rosemary and tea tree Earth science offers four different scents.


7. Bubble and Bee

Bubble and Bee

One of the most interesting ranges if only for the names.

Fancy trying some Pit Putty?

There are sprays, sticks and creams


8. Soap Me with Nature

Soap Me with Nature

Not only natural but also handmade.

Available in five scents.


9. Lafes


Lafes is a 100% certified organic brand that has one of the largest ranges of all natural deodorants.

There's sprays, roll-ons, sticks and crystals.

Prices from $3.69

10. Geodeo


Geodeo deodorants contain volcanic minerals, Icelandic algae and natural enzymes.

They come in four scents.


11. Miessence


The roll-ons from this Australian company are known to be long-lasting so it is a good choice for women who prefer strong deodorants.3

Available in three scents.


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