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If you’re already using natural body care but haven’t yet switched to a natural deodorant, maybe it’s time to make the change. Or you may have been reading more about how research is showing that deodorants containing aluminum and other questionable ingredients are not good for you. You may also have read that natural deodorants don’t work very well, but that has all changed. Science and research have improved the options considerably so here’s why you should consider or reconsider natural deodorants.

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Cut out Chemicals

One of the key reasons to use natural deodorant is that you are exposing yourself to fewer chemicals. Studies have shown that certain commercial deodorants contain chemicals (aluminum, particularly) that have been linked some types of cancer and even the progression of Alzheimer’s disease. Rather than these harmful chemicals, natural deodorants use ingredients like natural oils, extracts, and baking powder to help minimalize odor.


Longer Lasting

Organic deodorants like crystal deodorants have the benefit of being effective for up to 24 hours, a much longer period than commercial products that need to be reapplied more often. Remember that the main goal of these commercial companies is to get you to buy more of their product; of course they are going to make it disappear quicker! Be wary of just how often you are told you need to reapply your deodorant - is it because you really need it or because the company want you to run out of the product more quickly?


Less Skin Irritation

I’m not saying that all natural deodorants are 100% guaranteed not to cause your underarms any kind of irritation, but your chances are vastly improved when compared to commercial products. Conventional deodorants do everything they can to extend their shelf life, including adding ingredients that could cause long-term irritation in contact with your skin. Natural products sacrifice shelf life for peace of mind that what you are putting under your arm isn’t going to give you a rash.


Eco Friendly

All natural deodorant is wonderful because it is completely environmentally friendly. When we wash, all of the toxins from commercial deodorant run down the drain and enter in to our waterways, and once the toxins are in the system, they can have dangerous impacts on the health of birds, fish and plenty of mammals around the country. You don’t need to worry about having a dangerous shower with natural deodorants!


Breathable Skin

Part of the efficiency of commercial deodorants is that they use chemicals to completely clog your pores and therefore stop odor, but long term use can be detrimental to your skin and even cause tiny unwanted lumps because of the buildup of chemicals in the pores. Natural products do not contain these clog poring ingredients and do not leave a sticky or oily residue behind.


No Stains

A great benefit of natural deodorant, in particular crystal deodorant, is that it doesn’t leave any stains on your clothing. This is a common problem that arises from commercial spray on products, and nobody wants to see a big white mark on their favorite LBD.


No Pregnancy/Breastfeeding Worries

Commercial deodorants contain high levels of aluminum, which has been highlighted as a potential danger for pregnant women and mothers who are breastfeeding. If this is you, then you might want to explore your natural deodorant options for pure peace of mind.

The best thing I can suggest is to give a natural deodorant a try. You will never know unless you do.

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