How to Erase πŸ—‘ the Years off Your Face 😫 ...


If you’re anything like me, you want to look young and fresh all the time, no matter your age.

Well, you can’t entirely erase the proof that you’re getting older, but you can certainly put up a good fight.

Even if you have some wrinkles, age spots or fine lines, you can do easy things to turn back the hands of time and look way younger than you are.

Sounds pretty good to me!

Here’s how to get the results for yourself.

1. Add Exfoliation to Your Skincare Routine

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As you get older, you may need to add a skincare step here or there.

Exfoliation is one that can benefit you, no matter how old you are.

This step will get rid of dead skin cells, which can dull your complexion.

Removing them allows your fresh, bright skin to show through.

Use a gentle product to prevent damaging your skin and use it once or twice a week.

2. Try a Serum That Contains Antioxidants

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The great thing about antioxidants is that you can benefit from them internally and topically.

Eating high antioxidant foods, such as berries and leafy greens, is a great idea.

But as you age, you should also apply an antioxidant rich serum twice a day to really infuse your skin with the nutrients, which help prevent skin cancer and fight the signs of aging.2

3. Start Applying a Retinol Product before You Go to Bed

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Retinol is one of your most powerful tools for boosting collagen and keeping your skin looking young and healthy.

Use a tiny dab of the product each night before you go to sleep to help keep your skin firm and fight wrinkles and fine lines.

4. Use a Liquid Concealer so It Doesn’t Creep into Fine Lines

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Even if you do a great job of anti-aging, you will probably still have some fine lines.2

You can easily mask them, though this is very hard to do with stick concealers.


Because they tend to be waxier and migrate into fine lines, emphasizing them, rather than hiding them.

Use a liquid concealer instead, which stays put better.

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