10 Wonderful Ways Apple Cider Vinegar Makes Me Look and Feel Better ...


10 Wonderful Ways Apple Cider Vinegar Makes Me Look and Feel Better ...
10 Wonderful Ways Apple Cider Vinegar Makes Me Look and Feel Better ...

Apple cider vinegar has become quite popular these days so I wanted to share some of these fab uses for apple cider vinegar that you might not have not been aware of! There are tons of uses for ACV and don’t worry, they don’t all involve taking shots of it! You can use ACV for hair, skin and overall health so let’s get started with this long list of the many marvels of apple cider vinegar!

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Facial Toner

One of the top uses for apple cider vinegar us to use it as a toner. Mix some ACV with two parts water and soak a cotton pad into the mixture and apply all over your face. You can also use it as a spot treatment for acne or even as a replacement to your regular face wash to rejuvenate your skin and give you a beautiful glow!


Hair Rinse

Another way to use apple cider vinegar is for your hair. If your hair feels like it’s got product buildup, lacks shine or needs some detangling, try some apple cider vinegar! Mix up one part ACV and one part water and pour or spray onto your hair and massage it in to your scalp. Some people like to use an apple cider vinegar rinse before they wash their hair or after, it’s all up to you. You might even want to experiment to see what works best for you!


Hair Growth

If you’ve experienced some hair loss, one of the best uses for apple cider vinegar is for a hair growth treatment. In addition to apple cider vinegar, you’ll also want to include some herbs like Sage to mix together and apply on your hair overnight. You can also combine apple cider vinegar with other ingredients like gelatin which help stimulate hair growth instead of herbs also. Just mix it with the apple cider vinegar and pour it over your hair after you shampoo and leave it on for at least 10 minutes and rinse off. You can even leave it on overnight if you want!


Weight Loss

A popular way to use apple cider vinegar is for weight loss. Mix 1-2 tbsp. of ACV in water and drink it before each meal. You can also add some honey to the mix because it can be hard to drink for some. Some people like to take the 1-2 tbsp. straight without mixing it with water but you should be careful when doing so because it can soften the enamel that protects your teeth. Keep in mind that weight loss with ACV is very gradual so you won’t see a dramatic drop in weight immediately.


Eliminate Impurities

One of the lesser known uses for apple cider vinegar is to use it in the bath. Mix one cup of ACV with three cups of Epsom salts and add it to your bath water to draw out toxins from your skin. You can soak in this vinegar and salt bath for up to thirty minutes and make sure you rinse off well afterward. Use this detox bath up to two times a week to flush out toxins from your body.



A great reason to use apple cider vinegar is to help you a restful night’s sleep. We all know how a lack of sleep can wreak havoc on our appearance and overall well-being. Try mixing a cup of hot water with one tbsp. of apple cider vinegar and some honey at night for its calming properties and to get a more restful sleep!


Hand and Foot Treatment

Another little known use for apple cider vinegar is to use it as part of a nice, relaxing massage. For those long days or nights when you have tired hands and achy feet, give them a nice rub with some apple cider vinegar to help ease swollen and achy limbs. This treatment will not only help to relax your tired appendages, it’ll help get rid of any dead skin cells on your feet too!



As you have probably noticed, there are many uses for apple cider vinegar and our hair! Mix up equal parts ACV and water and apply to your scalp from either a spray bottle or a cloth soaked in the concoction. Leave the mixture on your hair for around 1-2 hours and put your hair up in a shower cap or plastic bag and rinse off. Be careful not to get any of the mixture in your eyes because it will sting!


Soft Skin

A reason to use apple cider vinegar is for smooth and soft skin! Draw yourself a nice relaxing bath with 2 cups of apple cider vinegar and enjoy a nice long soak. You’ll emerge from the bath with smooth and silky skin! Don’t worry; you won’t walk around smelling like apple cider vinegar either!



Another way to use apple cider vinegar to improve our skin’s appearance is to rub ACV on our skin to help minimize the appearance of cellulite. Rub a mix of one part ACV and one part water on to your skin and wrap it up in plastic wrap and a warm towel. Leave it on for about an hour, rinse with warm water and moisturize your skin.

There are so many more uses for apple cider vinegar than what is merely listed on this post! If you’re looking for a cheap and easy fix to common skin or hair care problems, common ailments and even as treatments for pets, chances are, apple cider vinegar can offer you a solution! What do you like to use apple cider vinegar for?

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Looove the benefits of apple cider vinegar but as a dental hygienist I gotta recommend caution ingesting it. The acid wears away the enamel layer of teeth and once it's got it's gone. Always best to follow directions, don't over do it, and take breaks from the regimine

10 Wonderful Ways Apple Cider Vinegar Make You Look And Feel Better! (via Twitter)

Will this also help to clear up any pimples and get clear skin?

I actually used ACV to remove a large raised mole from my face. Put vaseline on the skin around the mole and then soak a small piece of cotton pad in ACV and cover with a band-aid over night. Do each night. The mole turned black and on the third day bled slightly, but after four days it was gone. I used polysporin to heal and protect the new skin, but after 8 days it is undetectable.

I actually recently started using Apple Cider Vinegar as a toner and it has helped my skin so much. I do 50:50 water and vinegar and slowly use less and less ACV as time goes on. Smell is not the best but the benefits are wonderful!

4. Weight Loss (via Twitter)

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