7 Solid Reasons to Try a Natural Deodorant ...

Natural deodorant or antiperspirant is an environmental and skin-friendly way to keep body odors and excess sweat in check. Until recently, the problem with natural deodorants was that they rarely worked and left us sweaty, stinky and frustrated! These days, we have more options when it comes to natural deodorants and antiperspirants and I’ve got 7 substantial reasons why you should give them a try!

1. Cut out Chemicals

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One of the top reasons why people look to natural deodorants is due to the great quantity of chemicals in commercial deodorants. Some of the ingredients in commercial deodorants are linked to Alzheimer’s disease and even some types of cancer so it’s natural that we’d want a pure alternative to chemical-laden deodorants! Natural deodorants use a combination of various natural oils, baking powder and other extracts to neutralize odor.

2. Get Eco-friendly

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All-natural deodorant is also environmentally-friendly. You might be wondering how commercial deodorants are environmentally un-friendly and the reason being is that when we shower, we’re washing off the toxins from the deodorant we applied down the drain to our waterways. Once these toxins get into our waterways, it can negatively impact the health of mammals, fish and birds.

3. Reduce Skin Irritation

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Using an organic deodorant isn’t a guarantee that your underarms will never be irritated but it’s a good chance it won’t! Conventional deodorants use so many different ingredients to enhance their shelf life, effectiveness and provide a fresh scent, that it often irritates the delicate skin on our underarms with long term use. Check out any list of ingredients on a natural deodorant and you’ll likely recognize many of its constituents!

4. Let Your Skin Breathe

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Another reason to reach for a natural deodorant is to let the skin on your underarms breathe. Conventional deodorants can clog up pores and long term use can even cause tiny lumps on your pits! Natural deodorants typically do not contain any ingredients that would clog pores and don’t leave an oily or sticky residue behind!

5. Bye Bye Stains

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A fabulous benefit of organic deodorant, namely crystal deodorant, is that it leaves no stains on clothes! Yep, not only is it clear and cool to look at, it leaves no stains behind on your clothes because it’s free of oils and creams. If you decide to try out a crystal deodorant, make sure it’s clear and colorless for best results. Some companies decided to short cut the process and use ingredients of lesser quality and those are opaque and white.

6. Long Wearing

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Organic deodorant such as crystal deodorant also has the added benefit of providing us with 24 hours of odor protection. It’s also said to delay the occurrence of odor for up to ten hours after application. This is all pretty impressive considering we’re getting all these benefits without exposing our skin to any harmful chemicals!

7. You’re Pregnant or Breastfeeding

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Another convincing reason to try a natural deodorant and antiperspirant, even for a limited time, is due to the high levels of aluminum. Some sources have identified aluminum as a potential danger to moms and moms-to-be however they’re renown for their ability to block sweat. It might be a good idea to forgo products containing this controversial ingredient as it's been linked to cancer and other illnesses.

Using a natural deodorant is a great alternative to commercial deodorants that can cause a variety of skin reactions and potential risks. Natural deodorants are not only healthy but they also work extra hard to keep you dry and fresh so I think they’re definitely worth giving it a go! Have you ever tried natural deodorant? What did you think?

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