Wonderful Herbs to Eat That Combat Acne ...


Wonderful Herbs to Eat That Combat Acne ...
Wonderful Herbs to Eat That Combat Acne ...

If you’re looking for a natural way to combat bad skin and breakouts, consider some of my favorite herbs that fight acne. Sure, fruits and veggies are great for you, but people often overlook herbs, which are actually higher in antioxidants per serving than fruits and vegetables. Certain herbs contain special antioxidants that fight free radicals, combat inflammation, and enhance a youthful appearance. Be sure to add more of these everyday herbs that fight acne, and put the chemical-laden creams away. When in conjunction with a healthy diet, these herbs can truly make a dramatic difference in your skin, heart health, and especially the taste of your meals!

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Basil Basil is by far one of the best herbs that fight acne to eat to promote overall health. For the skin specifically, it combats bacteria from the inside out, and keeps free radicals at bay that lead to wrinkles, inflammation and redness, and acne. Use it in any of your savory dishes, or feel free to throw a few fresh basil leaves in a salad, and even a smoothie for a terrific twist.



Oregano The king of herbs, oregano, is one of the absolute best to fight acne, upset stomach, low appetite, depression, and even acidic blood. Oregano is also delicious! It contains antibacterial properties, along with chlorophyll. It also helps fight inflammation that leads to breakouts and acne. I don’t have to tell you how delicious it is either, I’m sure! Add it to salads, homemade dressings, any savory dish, and sprinkle a few fresh leaves into your next cup of herbal tea for a wonderful, uplifting drink. Buy it fresh or dried, as both will give you the benefits.



Cilantro Cilantro is your detox herb, ladies. Get familiar with it, and learn to love it! Also known as coriander, cilantro is one of the best herbs to eat to promote detox in the body. Detoxification of your liver is vital to preventing illness, acne, and even weight gain. Cilantro is also one of the largest source of chlorophyll of all common plants. Chlorophyll helps to fight acidity in the body, induce cleansing, promote healing, and it even combats low blood sugar. Drops in your blood sugar can lead to excess insulin, which actually triggers breakouts. Cilantro is also delish! Add it to your salads, and even your smoothies. Juice with it, cook savory dishes with it, and try it in new, different ways. It’s inexpensive and calorie-free, so eat up!



Parsley Parsley is just like cilantro in the fact it’s a top detox herb to include. It is also one of the highest sources of chlorophyll of all common plant foods, and it’s inexpensive. It’s especially rich in Vitamin C, which your body needs for a youthful appearance, and it has a diuretic effect, which helps combat bloating in the body. Eat parsley shredded in salads, juice with it, cook with it, and even use it in smoothies. Fresh parsley adds a fabulous, fresh taste that many people find surprisingly good in many different ways.



Sage Sage is possibly my favorite herb, but I understand it’s one of those herbs people either hate or love. Sage is that warming flavor we often think of when we think of turkey and dressing (or stuffing, as you might call it). Sage is very calming, and wonderful for preventing stress and inflammation in the body. It’s also a wonderful antibacterial herb to include to fight bacteria that leads to illness and acne. You can buy it fresh or dried, but if you buy it dried, be sure to use just a little and buy rubbed sage, not ground, which has a much better and less bitter flavor. Sage can be added to soups, stews, any savory dish, or yes, even your turkey and dressing if you must!



Neem Neem is a less commonly known herb, and it’s wonderful for promoting cleansing and healing in the body. For acne, it helps to fight excess sebum production from oil build-up, and also promotes cleansing of the skin cells to clear acne. Try adding a few fresh neem leaves to your diet either in a tea, or just eating them in a salad, etc. You might have to visit a health store to find it, as you won’t find this special herb sold in common supermarkets.



Mint Another favorite herb of mine is mint. Spearmint and peppermint not only add a wonderful fresh taste to your foods, but also many benefits to your body. Mint helps your food digest easier and faster, and it also promotes a sense of well being. For your skin, it contains chlorophyll to fight inflammation that leads to acne, and fights stress in the body that leads to breakouts. I like to use fresh mint in a smoothie, along with drink mint tea in the morning and at night. It’s so refreshing and relaxing, I’m willing to bet you’ll grow to love it too!

When looking to make your diet healthier and combat acne, be sure you don’t forget about nature’s everyday superfoods- herbs! These herbs, along with many others, can be some of the best weapons you have against bad skin. Do you eat any of these herbs?

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Another way to increase the intake is through fruit infused water/homemade vitamin water. Instead of juice, I throw fruit, peppermint and other herbs into water to steep over night. I then drink with lunch. It's detoxing, water, increases fruit servings and those vitamins, refreshing, and can add these for all sorts of healthy flavors.

I think thyme should be added to the list. It has anti inflammatory properties as well and acts like benzoyl peroxide. I buy it fresh and let it sit in a jar of witch hazel for a couple of days then use it as a toner. Works wonders!

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