Why Has Your Skin Been Freaking out?


Why Has Your Skin Been Freaking out?
Why Has Your Skin Been Freaking out?

You know what I’m talking about. You haven’t had a zit since you were in high school, but all of a sudden your face is greasy, covered in pimples and super dry in some spots. What the heck is going on? Finding out what’s causing your issues is a super easy way to stop the problem in its tracks. After all, the first step in putting an end to skin problems is knowing what is going on. Here’s why your skin might be freaking out.

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You Are Eating Differently than You Normally do

My oldest son is a basketball player, which means that during his season, we often have to hit the drive-thru or we go hungry. Eating like can wreak havoc on your health, but it can also make itself known by causing skin issues. If you suddenly have a ton of acne, have a look at how you’ve been eating. If things have changed, simply going back to the old way of eating might be all it takes to fix the problem.


You Changed Skincare Products

While you definitely don’t have to be loyal to a certain product or brand, but sometimes you skin will freak out when you make the switch. Often, sticking with it can alleviate the issue as your skin gets used to the new item. If the problem persists, have your skin assessed by your doctor to be sure something else isn’t going on.


Maybe You’re Super Stressed out

There is some debate about whether or not stress can lead to a breakout. While the stress itself might not be the bottom line, the stress can lead to other issues that do cause your skin to freak out. If you touch your skin a lot when you’re stressed or you eat too much when you have it rough, you might be able to blame your breakouts on that issue.


You Aren’t Getting Enough Sleep

The average woman needs between 7 and 9 hours of sleep every night. The occasional late night isn’t that big of a deal, but skimping on sleep on a regular basis can lead to skin issues that you’d rather not deal with. Your skin restores itself while you sleep so if you’re spending too much time at the bar and not enough time in your bed, your skin could be paying the price.


Are Your Hormones Raging?

Whether it’s that time of the month, you are pregnant or have just given birth, or you are having some other hormonal issue, you can probably assume that it is playing a role in your skin issue. Hormones alter the body and can lead to all sorts of things you hate. The good news is that taking care of this kind of thing is fairly easy with a quick visit to your gynecologist.

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You Could Have Some Type of Allergy

You don’t have to be born with an allergy for it to bother you. In many cases, people develop allergies as they age. That means that you might be able to blame your freaking out skin on an allergy. It could be due to something you’re eating or the ingredient in one of your skincare products. If you suspect a skin allergy, be sure to speak to your dermatologist to figure out what could be causing the problem so that you can take care of it.


You Haven’t Washed Your Sheets Yet This Week

Experts suggest washing your sheets at least once a week. That way you have fresh bedding that is free of built up lotions, creams and dead skin cells. Even better is if you wash your sheets in hot water, which kills bacteria and germs. In theory, you’re clean when you get in your bed, but keeping the sheets clean is pretty important.

Which of these things could be causing your skin to freak out?

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