What You Should πŸ‘ Know πŸ’­ about Dry Brushing πŸ–Œ ...


If you are into exfoliating (which everyone should be, let’s be honest!), then you might also be interested in the ever-growing beauty trend known as dry brushing. Dry brushing originally became popular amongst pregnant women, because it was one beauty-related thing that they were actually able to do in the face of a huge list of β€˜do nots’, but its benefits range far wider than just those who are growing another human inside of them! Granted, it’s a slightly more holistic kind of treatment than most people might be used to, but it’s definitely worth a try! Here’s what you need to know about dry brushing.

1. Difference

The difference between dry brushing and traditional exfoliating is is that dry brushing involves no wetness whatsoever. Dry brushing is done pre-shower with a brush rather than with something like an exfoliating glove on wet skin.

Doctor’s OK
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