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7 Ways Water Makes You Prettier ...

By Lisa

Water has been known for many years to be a sort of wonder tonic that benefits your health but there are many ways water makes you prettier too! Drinking water has its obvious benefits of helping you feel fuller longer and keeping you hydrated but it goes way beyond that when it comes to beauty! Read on for more ways your daily water can do for your skin and beauty!

1 Sparking Eyes

One of the top reasons to drink water on the regular is that it can make your peepers pretty! Ok, so your eyes are already pretty gorgeous but drinking lots of water helps your body to stay hydrated and results in sparkly and fresh eyes! Think of how dull and tired our eyes looks when they’re dry and after we add a few drops of artificial tears or other lubricant, they really come alive! The best way is always the natural way so keep thirst and tired eyes at bay with plenty of water!

2 Pore Cleanser

A beauty benefit of water that I’m thankful for is its ability to flush out toxins. Our skin and bodies come in contact with so much stuff throughout the day and drinking water helps us to rid ourselves of these environmental cooties. Toxins that are trapped in our bodies get released with water and since they aren’t being released through our pores, our skin looks luminous!


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3 Tone It up

Another beauty benefit of water is that it helps keep our skin looking toned and tight! Our bodies fill their cells with water which can reduce the look of wrinkles, cellulite and flabby skin. Don’t get toned skin mixed up with swollen skin though! Unless you’re a salt addict, you don’t have to worry about looking puffy. In fact, lack of water can cause fluid retention! Think of water like nature’s Botox and drink it regularly like you would take a vitamin!

4 Hair Raiser

If you want silky and shiny hair, it’s an excellent reason to drink water! You can apply all the deep conditioners and treatments you want but you also have to take care of your hair at the source also. If your body is dehydrated, it’s going to show in your hair and skin, so your show your strands some love and stay filled up on water!

5 Nourish from within

Another one of the reasons to drink water is to nourish your skin from within. Our skin is made up of about 20% water and throughout the day we sweat and urinate, losing our supply of water. If we don’t stay hydrated and replenish our skin of its supply of water, it can cause it to wrinkle, dry out and sag. Think of drinking lots of H2O is like moisturizing your skin from the inside out!

6 Battle Blemishes

We’ve found that water makes you prettier and part of the prettifying process is that water can help acne-prone skin. We’re aware that water flushes out toxins and when toxins are cleared out, it’s less likely that you will have acne breakouts. And if you add some lemon to your water you’re doubling up on natural acne-fighting ingredients and helping your skin stay clean and clear!

7 Energize in and out

A great reason to drink water is that it can improve our overall appearance. Many times when we’re tired and listless, we reach for caffeine to perk us up but many times our bodies are dehydrated and longing for water. When we’re dehydrated we look drained and parched, drinking water helps us to look and feel more alert, energized and fresh!

Water makes you prettier just like it makes you healthy! We might have been aware of many of these water facts already but sometimes we need a reminder to prompt us of how important water is to our bodies! Water is a healthier and cheaper alternative to other unwholesome drinks so make it a point to drink lots of water daily! How do you remember to drink your water?

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