Check out 👀 These 👇 Ways to Get Silky Soft 😊 Hands 👐 ...


Every girl needs to know some ways to get silky soft hands. Every season needs protection. In winter hands look dull, yellow, black and older than your age. In the summer hands get dry. It's also said that if you want to find someone's true age just look at their hands.

If your hands look dull and dry, these perfect ways to get silky soft hands are for you.

1. Water and Lemon

Fill a bowl with warm water. Add lemon juice. Put your hands in and rub them with lemon residue. Your hands will be soft clean because this combination removes dead skin naturally and lightens skin. Keep your hands in the water for 5 minutes in water. But if you have any cuts or injuries on your hands, don't use this method.