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8 Ways to Fabulous Summer Feet ...

By Neecey

So you’re getting ready for your summer holiday. You may be trying to lose a few pounds and hitting the gym to get that perfect bikini body you’ve always wanted, and slapping on the moisturizer and fake tan to make your skin glow. But your feet are often forgotten, even though they are very much on show when you lie by the pool. Here are 8 ways to fabulous summer feet!

1 Wear Comfortable Shoes

This is one of the best ways to fabulous summer feet. If your wear shoes that don’t fit properly or are too tight then you’ll end up with nasty blisters and bunions. Not a good look when so much of the foot is on show in summer sandals.

2 Look after Your Toenails

If you’re a fan of keeping your toenails polished then you should give them a break every now and then. Remove all of the polish so you can check that your nails are healthy. Unhealthy nails are not a great way to fabulous summer feet. Have a week off from polish every now and then.

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3 Soak Your Feet

Have a footbath in the evenings on a regular basis. Add some salts or oils to help you relax and give your feet treat. Don’t forget to give your toenails a clean with a brush. Don’t leave your feet in the water for too long (10 minutes is perfect) or your skin will become soggy and wrinkly.

4 Always Wear Shoes outside

This way to fabulous summer feet sounds obvious, but we all nip into the garden barefooted to get the washing in every now and then. Don’t do it! There are far too many things you could tread on that would damage your feet (and hurt!).

5 Keep Your Feet Dry

Always dry your feet properly after bathing or swimming and don’t put shoes on until your feet are properly dry. Also, never wear wet socks or shoes: if they get wet during the day, dry your feet off as soon as possible.

6 Moisturize!

This is one of the most important ways to fabulous summer feet. Try and moisturize your feet daily. The most effective way is to smother your feet in lots of lotion, put on clean socks and go to bed. Your feet will be extra-soft when you wake up.

7 Wear Clean Socks Every Day

If your wear them, change your socks every day or more often if you can. Dirty socks don’t only make your feet smell: they are also a breeding ground for bacteria which will damage your skin and they lock in moisture.

8 Put Your Feet up

Try and raise your feet above the level of your heart several times a day. This will let any excess fluid drain out so that your feet won’t swell. This is especially important if you are active and on your feet all day.

Being happy with your feet makes you feel good because they will be soft and smooth and will look great. That’s why is so important to try out these ways to fabulous summer feet! Plus what better excuse do you need than to buy a gorgeous pair of sandals? How many of these things do you do already?

Top Photo Credit: Jennifer Esperanza

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