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7 Ways to Care for Cracked Skin on Your Hands and Feet ...

By Eliza

Cracked skin on your hands and feet are nothing pleasant, right? Well, you don’t have to suffer through it. There are loads of ways to make your feet and hands soft and supple. Once you have some tips and tricks for doing so, you’ll never have the issue to deal with again. I used to have nasty cracked heels, but now that I use these tips, I don’t have to be embarrassed to wear sandals. In the same boat? Check out these tips for caring for your hands and feet and you’ll be cured in no time.

Table of contents:

  1. Petroleum jelly
  2. No more hot water
  3. Moisturize
  4. Skip the sanitizer
  5. Try coconut oil
  6. Have a wax treatment
  7. Peel a banana

1 Petroleum Jelly

I know that you’ve probably heard that petroleum jelly isn’t a great choice, but the truth is that it can do wonders for your cracked feet and heels. Here’s how you do it. Slather the petroleum jelly onto all affected areas just before going to bed, then slip on socks and/or gloves while you sleep. When you wake up, you’ll see a difference right away.

2 No More Hot Water

Hot water really dries out your skin. That’s because it sucks all the moisture out. From now on, skip the hot showers and wash your hands with warm water and soap instead of hot. You’ll still get clean, but you won’t strip your skin of all the natural oils it needs to be healthy and hydrated. That’s easy enough, right?

3 Moisturize

One of the best ways to keep your skin hydrated is to slather on lotion as often as possible. It’s especially important to put on lotion after your shower and anytime you wash your hands. That’s because damp skin does a better job of absorbing the lotion or cream. Choose a product made for cracked, dry skin for better results.

4 Skip the Sanitizer

Hand sanitizer is great in a pinch when there’s no place to wash your hands, but as a general rule, you should use warm water and soap instead. Most versions of hand sanitizer are loaded with alcohol, which is very drying for your skin. Not to mention how bad your cracked hands and feet with sting when you use it.

5 Try Coconut Oil

Coconut oil is pretty popular these days for lots of reasons. Skincare experts suggest slicking it all over your cracked hands and feet. It adds moisture into the skin, helping it heal, but also contains nutrients that your skin needs to stay healthy, helping prevent cracks in the future. You won’t walk to walk around or touch things with the coconut oil is on your body because it will leave greasy spots all over the place. Let it soak in for a while then rinse well.

6 Have a Wax Treatment

Not only does a paraffin wax treatment feel really relaxing, but that wax can help remove dead skin cells, helping heal cracks and pump your hands and feet with hydration. It will also soften your skin, which can help prevent cracks from happening in the future. You can also do a paraffin treatment at home if you prefer.

7 Peel a Banana

Here’s one you may have never heard of before. Grab a couple of ripe bananas and mash them up. Slather them all over your hands and feet and let the banana sit there for a few minutes. The banana infuses your skin with nutrients it needs to stay healthy and has properties that are healing as well. It also hydrates. What more could you ask for?

Do you have cracked feet and hands? It’s not fun is it? Which of these tips will you try first? Do you have any other ideas to add?

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