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No More Cracks 7 Ways to Prep Your Feet for Sandal Season ...

By Eliza

Sandal season is upon us! Yes, the weather is warming up and you’re probably working on packing up your boots and pulling out your sandals. Now that you’ll be showing off your feet on a daily basis, it’s prime time to get those tootsies ready for their debut. You don’t want those cracked heels on display and you definitely want your feet to be comfortable in all your favorite pairs of sandals. So, what’s a girl to do? Here are the steps you need to take today.

1 Grab That Pumice Stone Next Time You Take a Shower

Maybe it’s been on vacay all winter long, but now is the time to drag your pumice stone out and keep it handy. Use it to exfoliate all that rough, dry skin on your feet. Removing all that dead skin helps get rid of cracks, while turning your feet into the smooth creations you want them to be. Exfoliate well, then rinse.

2 Scrub Your Soles and Heels with a Homemade Scrub

Now that you’ve gotten the worst of the problem sorted out, it’s time to scrub your fresh feet to make them soft and supple. Use a homemade scrub to slough off all the remaining dead skin cells and scaly patches. Your best bet is an equal mixture of sugar and olive oil. Use it in the shower to eliminate the mess.


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3 Load up on Moisture after You Bathe

The trick to soft, smooth skin all year long, especially when summer comes, is to hydrate often. That means slathering on lotion as often as possible. Rub it into your heels, your toes and the soles of your feet. By infusing your feet with moisture, you keep dry, flaky, scaly skin at bay so that your sandals always look their best.

4 Try a Wax Treatment on Your Tootsies

Head to your local beauty spa and ask for a paraffin treatment. Not only does it feel really good, but a paraffin treatment locks in moisture and keeps your feet hydrated and lovely. If you prefer, you can do this at home if you have the right equipment. Either way, you are going to love your sandal-ready feet with it’s all said and done.

5 Clip Your Nails on a Regular Basis

I’m just as guilty as anyone. I tend to drag out the time between toenail trims when they are hidden inside socks and boots all winter long. Now that I’ve pulled out my flip flops, it’s time to trim them. That goes for you too. Give your toenails a nice trim, buff and filing so that they aren’t ruining the style of your fabulous new pair of sandals.

6 Slick on a Bright Color

Now that your feet and nails are totally ready, brush on a great new color of polish to really make your spring feet stand out. Try a bright red, neon pink or a great shade of coral. Don’t forget a coat of clear on top to make your nails super shiny and fabulous.

7 Stick with Your Routine for the Best Results

Sadly, you can’t only do these steps one time and make it through the entire summer. You’re going to have to keep it up for the best results. I’d say that once a week or so, you should start with step #1 and do them all again. That way, you never have to worry that your feet are going to be a disgrace inside your sandals.

Aren’t you excited for sandal season? What does your favorite pair look like? Enjoy your prep session and have fun with polish colors!

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