9 Useful Ways to Reduce Lip Lines ...


9 Useful Ways to Reduce Lip Lines ...
9 Useful Ways to Reduce Lip Lines ...

Whether you’re seeing early signs or you already have lines around your lips, you have plenty of options in ways to reduce lip lines! Along with wrinkles around our eyes, lip lines are up there in terms of showing the signs of aging and being all around annoying! If you’re ready to see some changes in the way you look, keep reading for more info!

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Lube up

If you want to get rid of lip lines, let’s first start with ways to improve the appearance of our lips. Dry, flaky lips can make lip lines stand out even more and if you have thinner lips, it can really accentuate dried out lips. Lips are only covered by a thin skin and have no sweat glands so it’s easy to get chapped lips. Get a rich, emollient balm and avoid licking your lips to keep them happy and moist.


Modify Habits

One of the ways to reduce lip lines and prevent new ones from forming is to rethink your daily habits. There are some pretty harmless things we do like whistle or drink out of straws that can unknowingly cause lip lines. Of course there are harmful ones like smoking that can really do a number on your skin and health so that’s definitely something to reconsider!


Power Packed Potions

To reduce the appearance of lines around your lips, one of the lesser expensive and invasive methods is to pick skin care that contain retinoids (Vitamin A) and CoQ10. These ingredients improve and stimulate skin to produce more collagen and hyaluronic acid that make skin look fuller and firmer. You can find these ingredients in drugstores and higher end skin care products!


Peel Away

Another way to reduce lip lines is to consider a glycolic peel. Chemical peels might sound scary but glycolic peels are the much milder member of the chemical peel family. Glycolic peels are used to remove dead and damaged skin on the upper layers so these peels are very effective in reducing the look of lines. Check with your dermatologist to see if you’re a good candidate for this treatment!



Dermabrasion or dermaplaning is another effective way to reduce lip lines. Dermabrasion is typically used to improve the appearance of deep acne scars or to smooth out facial lines and can be done in specific spots or all over the face. There are some possible side effects of this procedure and if it sounds too invasive for your taste, microdermasion is much less aggressive and can treat superficial or light wrinkles.



A super popular way to reduce the appearance of lines these days is to get Botox. Botox is used to treat a variety of conditions but it’s widely known as the wrinkle relaxer of choice for celebs everywhere. Botox paralyzes the muscle beneath the skin that can smooth out wrinkles around the lip area. There are potential side effects of Botox as well so make sure you talk to a medical professional!



Reduce the appearance of lines around your lips with injectable fillers. Fillers fill out facial features and in some instances; they can even stimulate collagen growth. Fillers are different from Botox because they actually work to fill out areas whereas Botox paralyzes muscles that cause wrinkles. Fillers also have some side effects associated with their use so talk it over with a medical professional before you proceed!



This next tip isn’t one of the ways to reduce lip lines but to reduce the look of them using makeup. If you’re unsure about the procedures and don’t have extra money for new skin care products, you can play up your lips to distract attention from lip lines! Celebrated makeup artist Laura Mercier suggests lining your lips outside of the bow of the top lips and the middle of the bottom lips only to fake plumper lips. Fill in your lined lips with lipstick and you’re set!



Makeup artist extraordinaire Napoleon Perdis shows us another way to reduce the appearance of lines by way of makeup. He suggests starting out with lining or applying concealer the same shade of your foundation around your lips. Then, apply your lipstick of choice and strategically place gloss on the middle of your top and bottom lips to create the illusion of fuller lips!

There’s something for everyone with these ways to reduce lip lines and reduce the look of them. You can go the safer route and try makeup tricks and topical creams or take it to the next level with peels or fillers. Whatever you decide to do, make skin protection with sunscreen and avoiding bad habits like smoking priority on your skin to-do list! Do you have any tricks to reduce the look of lip lines?

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