9 Things You Should Never Put on Your Face ...

It’s easy to panic when you’ve run out of moisturizer or cleanser and reach for something you think might work instead, but there are some things you should never put on your face. The pain of going a day without moisturizer is far easier to deal with than a nasty reaction to the substitute you played. Remember this list of things you should never put on your face and go to the shops to buy what you need as soon as you can.

1. Body Lotion

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You’ve run out of your favorite face cream so you’re looking for something to put on your face before you apply your foundation. Body lotion will work- right? Wrong. Body lotion is one of the things you should never put on your face. Most body lotion will contain a fragrance that can bring you out in a rash or cause an irritation. Stick with your daily moisturizer and don’t be tempted to use body lotion.A day without is better than days trying to deal with the after effects of a reaction.

2. Hairspray

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I’m guilty of doing this one and I learnt the hard way that this is something you should never put on your face. I heard that it makes your make up stay on, which it does. However it also will leave you with bumpy skin and a red rash when you take your make up off. Treat yourself to a proper fixing spray that helps your make up stay on and avoid any irritation.

3. Vinegar

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Vinegar can be used as a toner, but there are many other products on the market that will be much better for your face. Vinegar not only smells quite strong, it can also burn your face. Not a very inviting toner!

4. Shampoo

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Shampoo should only be used on your hair. Just because it is soapy and makes your hair smell good, it doesn’t mean that it will do the same for your face. The ingredients in shampoo will really dry out your facial skin. Do your face a favor and use shampoo just on your hair!

5. Deodorant

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The temperature outside is rising and your make up is melting - what do you do? Yes, deodorant does stop your underarms from sweating but don’t be fooled into thinking that it will work the same on your face. Find another trick or product to keep make up on your face on hot days as deodorant sprayed on your face can cause all kinds of new problems.

6. Hair Serum

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Hair serum is for hair - simple as that. Just because it has serum in the title it doesn’t mean that the formula will be right to use on your face. Hair serum is among the things you should never put on your face as it can irritate your skin, especially if you are particularly sensitive.

7. Mayonnaise

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Now, I probably wouldn’t consider piling on a load of mayonnaise on my face, but I have heard that it is the main ingredient in many DIY masks and moisturizers. However, the ingredients in mayo are very acidic and occlusive which can clog your pores and prevent your skin from breathing. If you do want to use mayo in your beauty regime then apply it to dry or damaged hair, but keep it away from your cheeks.

8. Nail Polish

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You’re off to a fancy dress party and you’ve run out of face paint - don’t be tempted to use nail polish on your face! Yes it might be the perfect color for your costume however it will chap your skin, leaving it dry and damaged. Use this product on your nails and nowhere else.

9. Hair Colorant

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You cannot use home hair colors to dye your eyebrows. Around your eyes the skin is usually extra sensitive and the hair dye can seriously irritate it. If you really want darker brows then use a mascara of the right color, a vegetable based colorant or get them done by a professional. Make sure that you always do a patch test when buying any over the counter colorants to ensure that you have no allergies to its ingredients.

Your face is too beautiful and precious to use products that were not designed especially for facial care. It’s easy enough for your facial skin to be irritated by facial products already, without subjecting it to harsh chemicals best left to other body parts. Have you ever had a mishap with using something on your face you really shouldn’t have used?

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