10 Things to Know about Collagen Supplements ...


10 Things to Know about Collagen Supplements ...
10 Things to Know about Collagen Supplements ...

I think there are some important things you should know about collagen supplements. If you walk into any health food shop or fitness store at the moment, you will see that collagen supplements are very much the on-trend product right now. These supplements are available in various forms including tablet, powder, liquid and cream, and are said to be the new perfect product for fighting to keep wrinkles at bay. However, even though they are rising in popularity day by day, it would be fair to say that there is still a lot of information that the general public don’t actually know about when it comes what they are and what they can do. Here are ten things you should know about collagen supplements!

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Collagen is a Protein

Collagen is an essential protein that provides structure to the hair, skin, connective tissue, nails, joints, cartilage and bones, so basically everything and anything that helps to keep you together and healthy in your body!


Collagen Has Benefits beyond Looks

Beyond the anti-ageing or looks-preserving features of collagen, it also helps to keep the glue of your ligaments, bones and joints together.


It Decreases as You Age

It is a scientific fact that as we age and become older human beings, our bodies start to produce less and less collagen as the years go by.


Women Have Less Collagen than Men

It’s a cruel twist of fate that, though women are the traditionally the gender who care more about their looks as they age, they actually produce up to 30% less collagen than men by the time they reach 45.


Anti-wrinkle Creams Don’t Help

You will see rows and rows of anti wrinkle creams in department stores and pharmacies all over the world, but the truth is that there is little data to support claims that such creams can help your skin beyond simple moisturising.


But Collagen Supplements Are Different

The data available on collagen supplements compared to generic creams has shown that eight weeks’ worth of regular use can reduce wrinkles by as much as 20%. It is thought that the ingested supplements provide more amino acids from which the body can then make its own collagen.


Expert Opinions Are Divided

However, it is important to not that lots of experts in the field are divided on collagen supplements. They think that there is too little evidence at this time to make a definitive decision either way, but that testing out the products available isn’t going to damage you in any way.


Significant Trials Are Lacking

The problem is that there is a distinct lack of trials when it comes to the variety of collagen supplement products that are being released to the public. Because of this, it can be hard to verify the claims that some products are making.


Collagen Might Not Be the Key Factor

The thing is that collagen supplements might not be the key factor for people, especially if the people who are passionate about using them are people who look after their skin in general anyway. Ideally, we need a study focusing on users who have done nothing to ensure the health of their skin in the past.


Improving Your Diet Might Be Just as Effective

Before you consider opting for any kind of collagen supplement, first think about how your diet choices can alter your body’s collagen production. You can work on increasing your collagen levels naturally by eating more things like eggs, meat, nuts and fish.

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