The 3 Beauty Products Proven to Make You Look Younger ...

By Carly

The 3 Beauty Products Proven to Make You Look Younger ...

Unless you are a sprightly, carefree sixteen-year-old, you probably find yourself thinking about the ageing process occasionally, and thinking about the various different things that you can do and things that you can use in order to slow it down! Of course, there are the drastic, invasive options for people who want a dramatic quick fix, but as for the rest of us, we like to take our chances with the various age defying products on the market. Here are three beauty products proven to make you look younger.

Table of contents:

  1. vitamin c cream, lotion or serum
  2. sunscreen
  3. any retinol-based product

1 Vitamin C Cream, Lotion or Serum

Any product that gives your skin and body a much needed Vitamin C is essential. It’s basically a super antioxidant that can help to fight environmental damage and UV radiation in your skin, along with neutralising free radicals. It also helps to boost collagen production to smooth and plump your skin. Any kind of Vitamin C serum or cream is ideal.

2 Sunscreen

Sunscreen should be one of the top three in your list of daily products. Sun damage is the number ageing factor in your skin, so you should really be looking to protect yourself from the UV rays even on days that aren’t super sunny. A cold, bright day can cause just as much damage as a scorching summer one, so you need to apply SPF every single day you are outside.

3 Any Retinol-based Product

Also known as Vitamin A, retinol is pretty much the gold standard in anti ageing. Any woman approaching 30 and over should be using a retinol based product as part of their nightly routine. Serums and moisturisers will help to shrink pores, fade pigmentation and combat breakouts, leading to much younger looking skin.

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