7 Steps to Embracing Fair Skin and Learning to Love It ...


Embracing fair skin is something you should learn to do if you have fair skin. Being a very fair skinned girl myself, I have been down this road and know the ins and outs of it well. These are the secrets I have collected over the years that have helped me. I hope that they can help you on your journey to embracing fair skin and learning to love it.

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Accept It is What You Have

If fair skin is what you have then fair skin is what you have. You are not going to change it as much as you may wish you could. So it is better for you if you can spend that time embracing fair skin instead of fighting against it. There came a point in my very early twenties when I realized that tan skin was just not going to happen for me. I freckle and after tons of sun exposure and blistering sunburns, might be lucky enough to get a slight tint of tan to my skin. It is totally not worth all of that trouble plus the danger of the sun exposure.


Realize You Cannot Change It

Realizing your skin is what it is and is not going to change is a very positive step. Once you do that you can move on to learning to make your fair skin work for you. I have actually learned to form a fondness for my fair skin as time has passed. It is unique. Fewer people have fair skin than medium or dark skin. Ironically, as I became more comfortable in my own skin, I began receiving more compliments on it.


Think about the Positive Points of Having Fair Skin

There are positives of having fair skin. It is something defining about you. It usually has a creaminess that other skin tones do not. It makes clothing colors absolutely pop. And with all of the information about skin cancer that has become more prevalent, it is actually becoming more fashionable to have fair skin.


Fair skin can also enhance your natural beauty in a way that tanning simply can't. Many people with fair complexions enjoy a youthful appearance for longer, as their skin may show signs of aging such as wrinkles or sunspots at a slower rate compared to those who frequently expose their skin to the sun. Additionally, fair skin is often associated with a certain elegance, and it pairs exquisitely with a bold lipstick or a dramatic eye makeup look, offering a stunning contrast that is truly eye-catching.


Learn What Color Clothing Works for You

It is important to learn what color clothing works for you when you have fair skin. Generally, jewel tones such as sapphire, emerald and deep purple work well. You also have to factor in what color hair and eyes you have. Whatever colors do look best on you, you can trust they are going to have an extra wow factor against your fair skin. This can be a positive thing for you.


Study up on Makeup Lessons for Fair Skin

Fair skin requires a certain approach with makeup. You will have to work a bit harder to find foundation that won’t overpower you if you have very fair skin. You will need to make sure you have a bit of color on your face to achieve the best look in either eye shadow, blush or lipstick. You also need to make sure you don’t look overdone so it is a fine balance to try to find. I have found that lipstick is the best way for me to add color to my face.


Look at Stars with Fair Skin for Inspiration

All of us look to the stars for inspiration with style and beauty. When you have fair skin, this isn’t as easy. You cannot look at just any star. It is best if you find some fair skinned stars that you admire for their style of dress and makeup. It is also a great way to get inspiring new ideas.


Celebrate Being Uniquely You

Not everyone is fair skinned. Don’t be embarrassed that you have fair skin. Celebrate that it is part of you and it makes you unique. I wasted a lot of years being embarrassed over having fair skin. Now, I am very confident in who I am. You need to reach a point where you are confident in yourself and your skin tone, too.

Learning to embrace your fair skin is a process but you will be so much happier when you do. Are you fair skinned? What tips can you share with me that work for you in style and beauty?

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Being fair skinned and knowing lots of girls and women with a darker complexion, fair skin tends to be less dry than other complexions.

People with fair skin, who look after it, also age better than olive skinned sun lovers

I have super fair skin and I love it-I actually makes me feel more confident about myself:) pale skin is absolutely gorgeous and it sad that some people think being pale is a bad thing-I don't understand girls who use tanning beds, and spray tanning-tanning beds are so unhealthy and spray tanning just looks weird, in my opinion-I wish more girls and women could learn to love their pale and fair skin-I always say if you are blessed to have a pale complexion, you should embrace it-because its a perk, not a flaw-being pale is trendy, just think of Snow White:) -whenever someone tells me I am too pale, I just smile and say thanks-I wouldn't trade being fair skinned for being tan-even if being tan seems to be more popular, its not necessarily healthier

I'm 27 and have fair skin. While living in San Diego and LA I tanned obsessively for 10 yrs. Due to wanting to remain youthful looking, I stopped 2 yrs ago and now wish I would have done it earlier. It wasn't immediate, but I learned to be comfortable in and appreciate my light skin. Now, I actually prefer the skin on my face to be as light as possible and when I do want a little glow during the summers I use tanning lotion, which works great. I think smooth, healthy skin of any color is more beautiful than that that's sun-damaged. Love yourself the way you are!


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