7 Skin Cancer Symptoms You Might Not Catch ...


After 22 biopsies since my early 20s, I’ve become hyper vigilant about skin cancer symptoms. You probably know that a funny looking mole warrants a check by the dermatologist, but there are plenty of other skin cancer symptoms that you might not be aware of. That’s why I put together this list. If I can help you spot a potential problem, I’ll feel great and so will you. Anytime you have something weird going on with your skin, you should definitely get it looked at right away.

1. Dry Skin Patches

Most people suffer from dry skin at one point or other in their lifetime, but if you have a dry patch of skin that comes and goes or comes and stays, you may have an early skin cancer. See – it’s not always a mole that indicates a problem. Though less serious than melanoma, this is one of the skin cancer symptoms that does need treatment before it progresses.

Sudden Bleeding
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