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7 Facts about Toner to Help You Decide if You Need It or Not ...

By Eliza

I worked to gather a selection of facts about toner because you likely see the differing opinions among experts about whether it’s needed or not. Some say to skip it altogether, while others tout the myriad skin benefits you get by using it. The choice, of course, is up to you, but it’s a good idea to educate yourself a bit on facts about toner before you make your decision. I am not going to pretend that this list covers everything you need to know about using toner, but it can get you started.

1 How It Works

One of the most important facts about toner is what exactly it does for your skin. According to the Paula’s Choice Research Team, toner is designed to restore the pH balance of your skin after you wash it. It’s also reported to infuse your skin with ingredients that keep it looking fresh, young and healthy. All toners are different, but if you find one you like, there’s really no good reason to stop using it if you love it.

2 There Are Several Types

When you compare toners, you’re likely to see that they come in a range of formulations. The one that works best for you depends on personal preference as well as your skin type and any skin conditions you have. You’ll see alcohol, glycol and water based formulas, according to Paula’s Choice. Most experts recommend staying away from the alcohol-based ones because they can dry your skin out.

3 Use Cotton to Apply

When you wash your face, a washcloth is a great choice, but for applying toner, you need cotton. Use cotton balls, cotton make-up pads or Kleenex. Pour the toner on the cotton product you choose and use it to apply it. This ensures an even application and prevents harsh or rough materials from damaging your skin.

4 Apply in Order

Toner is likely to do the job you want it to no matter how you put it on, but some experts recommend a specific technique for getting the most out of it. Start with your T-zone, that is your forehead and down your nose to your chin. This is where most women need the effects of toner. Then swipe it over the rest of your face. This method ensures that the largest quantity of toner is distributed where you need it the most.

5 It Can Irritate Your Skin

For some women, myself included, toner can do more damage than good. Many types contain harsh or irritating ingredients that leave your skin stinging or red. I skip the toner for this reason. If you find that using toner doesn’t work for you, there’s no reason why you can’t chuck it and try something else. Talk to your dermatologist for alternative ideas.

6 Try a Skin Type Specific Toner

Just like you take your skin type into account when you cleanse your face or apply creams and lotions to it, it’s a good idea to do the same when choosing a toner. A really good toner should be designed for your specific skin type. So be sure to read the labels and find one that works for oily, normal or dry skin, as the case may be.

7 You Can Make Your Own

For all you natural product loving girls out there, you can easily whip up your own toner recipe. This saves you money and ensures that you know exactly what you’re putting on your skin. The experts at Empowered Sustenance suggest mixing together 2 parts alcohol free witch hazel with 1 part raw apple cider vinegar.

Do you use toner? How do you pick the right one for your skin?

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