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As someone who has struggled with sweaty palms all my life, I know what it’s like to anticipate holding hands with someone, giving a high five, or shaking hands when your palms are slimy and clammy to the point of discomfort and embarrassment. It’s an unpleasant situation that makes social encounters even harder than they naturally are. However, don’t worry you are not alone, a greater population is suffering from the same problem than you’d think! So let’s go through a few natural remedies you can do to boost your confidence and prevent your palms from leaking out gallons of sweat!

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Take Cool Showers or Soak Your Hands in Cold Water

You’ve probably already heard of the many benefits that come with taking cold showers, one of which is regulating body temperature and sweating! In fact, the noticeable improvement in thermoregulation even under extreme conditions comes from the gentle stress that the body experiences after a cold shower, which allows it to resist drastic changes from then on. Consequently, this is an effective and a cost efficient way of dealing with your clammy hands, just try it out yourself!


Use Antiperspirants

Furthermore, there are antiperspirant products out there that are specifically designed to target your problem, it’s a matter of testing them out and finding one that will fit your needs best. These nonprescription products temporarily block sweat pores in order to reduce sweating and leave your skin smooth and dry to the touch.


Wash Your Hands Regularly

Washing your hands regularly even with just water can significantly reduce the amount of sweat that your palms produce. Just avoid using a lot of soap as that can really dry out your hands and result to adverse effects. Moderate hand washing is key!


Drinks Lots of Water

Drinking lots of water is not only good for you skin, weight loss, health and mind but also regulation of body temperature. I cannot tell you enough, how important it is to drink at least 2 liters of water everyday. Always start out your day with a glass of water and keep hydrating throughout! You’ll see positive changes in no time, trust me.


Avoid Heavy Hand Lotions

Finding light hydrating hand lotion is a harder task than it might seem especially when you have persistently clammy hands. I’ve gone through lots of them and found that most of them were way too thick or dense for my skin type making my hands even more sweaty to the point that it is difficult to grasp objects. So if you’re planning on staying dry, avoid using heavy lotions that don’t easily absorb into your skin.


Control Your Stress Levels

Additionally, increased stress levels can further worsen your condition and lead to increased hand sweating. Therefore, for the sake of your hands and your health, try to find something that calms you down. Whether it is yoga, meditation, coloring or knitting, take some time out of your day to maintain your mental health and put yourself first for a change.


Maintain a Healthy Diet

Any abnormalities within your body can be traced back to your health and the actions you take to either improve or diminish it. And most of the time, you can be sure that your diet is not clean enough. While you should always make sure to treat yourself once in a while, it is crucial that you watch what you put in your body, because this will definitely reflect on the outside.

There is not magic solution to your sweaty palms, but with enough effort you are bound to see some results. What are some of your tricks to keeping your hands dry in order to avoid awkward social situations?

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@Neecey Beresford

Rubbing ice cubes...really works! Its 40 C here , and one of my frnds uses this technique to avoid sweaty palms.

All great tips! Sweaty palms may also be a symptom of hyperhidrosis.. Medications are available to reduce your sweating tremendously or completely! Ask your doctor what could help you if the sweating is affecting your daily activities.

Thank you for these tips I will now try them and hopefully they work out ☺️🤞🏼

The drink lots part has a spelling mistake it says " positive changes in not time" it should be positive changes in no time.

Yes..look for proper symptomatology and history in family etc..and many diseases can be linked. e.g. cystic fibrosis

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